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[A.] relative sense of a relative autonomy that is always, in a sense, about to concave upon itself into a relative sense of none autonomy... Oh so fictive it is to be an [A.]

[COMMON.] goodness is a proverb with open intentions before committing innumerable instances of Faux Pas, ending in a disproportionate exegesis on flaky ideals of justice. The common conscription is an easy enough text to read with a default setting that appears to resolutely adhere to global equality and tyranny equally.
"Oh... we just don't have anything in common." is the common lamentation. Specifically of those that will skyrocket an episteme of a truer than true commonality into delusions of utter togetherness. When at once the common cause sticks like a hardened bond with steel rivets, embattled by class struggles, commonality is the green-clean electric-hybrid mini-van suction street sweeper, liberating the concrete with banality and a buffered edge. Either way it is dangerous to think yourself as [COMMON.]

[LACUNA.] lacunae or lacunas is an empty lullaby adrift with tones of melancholy. It is a nice place to be, in lacunae. It is a gap, a crevice, an envelope, a ravine, a canyon, an interval, the break in the barrier, an island of space in an empty expanse.
It is a nice place to be, in lacunae, adrift with phrases, biding time, in transition, just waiting. Sing me a song for lacuna, a song of nothingness, without substance, an enchanting tune of infinite sleepiness. In this foyer of nowhere in particular, a lazy portico without exit or entrance. It is a nice place to be, in [LACUNA.]

[ORG] We are in the business of procuring gaps. We enjoy gathering them together into neat stacks and allotting them into specific sequences that we believe to be preferentially neutral. It is strange to think that people believe that there are things in the gaps, wonderful things, terrible things, dreamy things. We open up new gaps all the time but there is never anything in them, but being in the business we sell them anyway, otherwise there would not be an [ORG]

[A.COMMON.LACUNA.ORG] is a data mine into emptiness, desperately searching for...for... wait! What was it?... Its been a while... Oh... [A.COMMON.LACUNA.ORG]